The right mindset allows you to move towards freedom and success.
Without it, you remain stuck, discouraged and broke.

Mindset Maven is a 4-part course in which you will receive daily mindset practices that will enhance your life. Get your mind right and I promise you, life will flow beautifully. 

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I’ll teach you the art - yes, art! - of goal planning, setting and achieving.

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Some words

from my past clients…..


Monica’s positivity and drive inspire me to be the best version of myself. She has helped me get rid of intrusive thoughts of doubt and she has helped me find confidence to be the successful business woman I am today!

September 15, 2021


Monica has always been a source of positivity for me whether there were times I was down, or needed someone to help push me further in my business and keep me motivated. I value her energy level, enthusiasm, and ability to make any situation into a great one. I always look forward to having her positive influence!

September 15, 2021


Monica was there sharing her uplifting presence in one of the most vulnerable times in my life. She continues to inspire me and I’m truly grateful for her presence in my life.

September 15, 2021


Monica has made a HUGE impact on my professional career and personal life. She believed in me, and in turn - helped me believe in myself.

She taught me how important and powerful it is to keep a positive mindset; how to practice it daily, especially when the going gets tough. Seeing what Monica has overcome over the years just shows how resilient she is!

Monica is a force to be reckoned with and her presence is powerful. She is the most outgoing, kind, fun, hardworking, a can-do attitude, a woman with true GRIT. I'm so grateful to have worked with Monica over the years. She has taught me so much which has absolutely helped with my success.

September 15, 2021


Knowing Monica on both a personal and professional level, I have watched her rise to the challenges and triumph and crush them. She is truly an inspiration to those who she comes in contact with, a true powerhouse.

September 15, 2021


Monica has helped inspire and drive me to pursue what is most important in my life. As an attorney and business woman I have sought Monica’s guidance in the many facets of my life both personally and professionally. Her drive, dedication, commitment, passion and resilience has guided her to not only overcome obstacles in her own life but to assist others in the process. She is a true inspiration and I value what she brings to my life and to all the lives she touches.

September 15, 2021


Monica has helped me realize that shifting my mindset is the key to ditching limiting beliefs and getting “unstuck“… in career, business and life. What she has overcome has inspired me to get on a path to shift to a GROWTH mindset. I’m a work in progress! Thank you Monica!

September 15, 2021

About Monica Kline

From an early age, Monica Kline knew she would not be hosting tea parties. She was more fascinated by the strategy of making her own income with her lemonade stand, learning that she loved having her own money. And that passion never ceased.

Now as the President and Owner of IDentity Brand Management, Monica has 28-years of real life, hands on experience in Branding, Marketing, Sales and Public relations.

Having started her career working for Fortune 500 companies, Toshiba and Canon, 9/11 was a life-defining and career-altering moment for her, as it was for so many. She decided to pivot, choosing to relentlessly pursue her passion of getting into the beauty industry, even though she knew she would essentially be starting from the bottom. For 13 years, her tenacity helped her climb from Marketing Manager to Vice President, and afforded her the opportunity to travel to over 43 countries, conducting business in many of them. What she came to understand about cultural differences enhanced her perspective on international business, and became the launchpad for where she is today.

Since moving to New York City and launching her branding agency, her business model has continued to evolve. She has invested not only time, but also over 2-million dollars to offer the best technology, software and platforms to her clients. She continues investing in her education so that she remains relevant in an ever-changing industry, while being AHEAD of the trends. She has sought the industry thought leaders and is mentored, coached and held accountable by them. She invests in all of this, so that she can deliver her years of experience and make certain it is relevant to move the needle in her clients’ brands and businesses.

Having added course creator, keynote speaker, and author to her repertoire Monica feels it is her calling to inspire women to rise into their personal greatness, while creating generational wealth. Her mission is to help women get out of their own way, while discovering their purpose and creating life on their terms.

Disclaimer: The testimonies mentioned above are the result of highly committed clients who do ALL the work, having the willingness to change & grow, and learning from mistakes. These testimonies are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.